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 Have you ever been stranded when ever you want to make important calls and you don't have credit or you don't have money to buy credit or in situations where you want to longer call with little credit balance?

Glo Lastest Call Hack is out!!!

You can now make unlimited calls to your family, friends, relative, girlfriend, partners etc

It works 100% with proof, a YouTube video will soon be out about how to do it for those that will not understand the steps below.

You're to have some Certain requirements and your most be eligible ...

Not all Glo sim can do this talk more of a new one.


=>> You Must Have A Glo Simcard

=>> Your Glo Simcard Must Be A Month Old

=>> You Must Load At least 100# 

=>> Your Glo Plan Must Be ''Glo Yakata''

=>> Your Simcard Must Not Be An Abandoned one

How To Send Instant Miss calls Using Glo And Airtel

When you don't have card and you wish to send miss call to people you think might call you.

Follow this steps carefully and don't skip any one, if not it will not work.


Go to *Phone* on your Android or *Dial pad* on Little phone

Type **phone number 

Then call

And Automatically A miss call will be sent to the person you want to sent it to.

Note: You don't Need Card To Do This..

You can do it with zero balance.

Steps to make unlimited calls with Glo to all networks

Go to Your *Phone* on Android or *Dial pad* on little phone

Input this three important figure *042*

Then Input the number you want to call and out the first *0* (eg 8012345678 instead of 08012345678)

You will finally end up like you calling a foreign number (e.g 0428012345678) 

Then you call and enjoy unlimited call

Important Notice And Guiled

When you start calling and 1 hour is been exhausted the call will automatically end, so you will use this method to recall again.

Pls Drop Your Comments if it work for you and comment the challenges you are facing with it let sort it out for you.

Video Video Here๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

For those that don't understand, a YouTube video will soon be out 


You can use this method to send miscall also if it didn't ring it will send a miss call 

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