Reviews: Cypto Cloud Vip - Scam or Legit! (Dont Invest)

 Crypto Clould is an investment site that promise to give you 100% return of your investment within 24 hours!

I will rather say: 

Crypto Cloud VIP is 100% Scam and Not Legit.

Let look into it and see whether Crypto Cloud Vip truly scam or legit.

Starting from what they told their investors or customers, Do you think any company can make 100% profit of amount invested?

If yes which company?

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But from my own experience, no company pays 100% ROI ( Return On Investment ) to customers.

Many Legit Forex traders pays 20% of investment monthly for a specific period of time and later gives your initial investment back.

Based on my own experience, there is no business you can get 100% of your investment in 24 hours apart from Forex.

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And even those that make it are real professional traders that don't trade for people but only their self and also depends on the amount you invested!

You can't invest 1 million dollers and get that 2 million dollar that same day, if it possible that it will be so rare.

But 100$ invested in Forex can be gotten back within that day.

Don't be confused!

Let go to the main point, I heard of crypto cloud last month and I saw many proofs on the site and on my friends WhatsApp Status, so I decided to join it with 64 trons.

I referred two of my friends that same day and only one  referral commision reflected and was paid the next day.

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The referral commision was 25% of the 64 trons which my friend invested, so total of 17 trons was paid to my wallet. 

But the expected 128  trons never drop into the wallet.

Though I thought it was much traffic on withdrawal but it went beyond that..

A Little About Crypto Cloud VIP.

Crypro Cloud Has Some Accepted Payment Methods Like Bitcoins, Etherium, Litcoin, Doge, Payeer, and Perfect Money.

Crypro Cloud Do Not Need your personal details before you  get registered.

You can get registered with one of the above listed payment method address only.

Crypto Cloud VIP claim to have an automatic payment's method after 24 hours which is a big LIE.

Crypto Cloud VIP claims to be registered with the UK and has Company Number : #13074231

Crypto Cloud VIP claims to have the total number of investors  789893+

Crypto Cloud VIP has a contact support email ''[email protected]'' and promise to responds within 24 hours which you will never get reply.

Crypto Cloud VIP has a referral program that's pays 25% commission has said earlier.

Crypto Cloud VIP is one month and three days today. 

Crypto Cloud VIP is 100% scam and not legit

Don't be quick to invest your money in the hands of company that promise quick ROI.

Because they know 65% of people might be interested and they use to opportunity to scam you of you hard earn money.

Invest your money in things that are Gonna be profitable and stop this mindset of saying all businesses is a risk let me try a luck.

There is no free money on the internet, you have to have a skill, learn more, or use money to get more more money. Not by investing in scam sites.

You can sell your own product, use money and advertise it and get more sales etc.

You can connect buyers to the sellers and get more commissions.

More Business Ideas will be updated soon here.

Always Check out.

New Crypto Airdrop.

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